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Featured Talents

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Baby FuzZ is a new project for multitalented producer Sterling Fox. Stylistically it's similar to some older stuff he’s done genre wise, and the songs dip into alternative rock/folk/pop.

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AZRA is a South Korea-born, Bay Area-raised, now Los Angeles-based independent Korean-American artist, creator of the substance pop genre, performer, singer-songwriter, hip hop dancer, model, published author, and motivational storyteller.


Brooke Forman is an LA-based singer/songwriter originating from NYC. Her collaboration with Nicky Romero on their single "Heartbeat" was #2 best dance record worldwide on the Beatport top 100 charts!


Emergency Room Agency (ERA) is on a mission to take care of every artist's needs.


By booking events at arenas, clubs, colleges, corporations, and festivals, ERA assists in providing an outlet for artists wanting to express their views openly with the world. To secure everyone from the mental and physical anguish of producing such live or prerecorded events, we specialize in marketing, promoting, routing, and touring, for our acts internationally. Since we care about everyone’s well-being, including talent managers, promoters, and buyers, we ensure constant communication — which is our key to putting on successful events.

Emergency Room Agency will build rapport and learn to fit your desired needs tailored to any live or prerecorded event. As advocates of healthy live performances, let us take you straight to the ER and nurse it back to life!

Meet ERA Team

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Ryan is from Plainfield, IL south-west of Chicago. He is an aspiring talent agent whose mission is to help artists achieve their dreams. Working with artists as a hobby, he finds his goals coming to fruition with the assistance of everyone he meets. Networking, deliberating and working non-stop seem to be what he loves most.

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Egan is from Shanghai, China and he moved to Chicago in 2014. He has an educational background in engineering and holds a B.E. in Mechanical Engineering. Along with the training in drawing and singing, he sees both the artistic and practical beauties in things. Naturally, he finds his ultimate passion for music and entertainment.

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USA: Ryan +1 (815) 666 0900

CHINA: Egan +86 13816929472


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