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Sunday Stories

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Sunday Stories is a band from Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2013. The band is known for its unique repertoire, which contains a lot of famous and less-famous standards of jazz & blues arranged through modern expressive and energetic performances.


From 2013 until today, people had the opportunity of listening them in many regional venues in different states of former Yugoslavia (Sarajevo, Tuzla, Bihać, Mostar, Zenica, Banja Luka, Prijedor, Uskoplje, Ljubljana, Maribor, Ptuj, Novi Sad, Beograd...) Additionally Sunday Stories played a big role on Holiday Market Sarajevo stage; Participated together with Sarajevo Big Band in the Bosnian Cultural Center (whose Nina and Valentin are members).


Sunday Stories are the founder of the American Playing for Change event in Sarajevo. Nina Babic is the ambassador of Playing for Change movement for Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sunday Stories were the only representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the SOS Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia, where their role was composing music for famous silent movie Salome as well as participated in a documentary that aims to bring people of different nationalities and religions together through arts (Visegrad meets Balkan Fund). Sinan Alimanovic, famous jazz pianist, is only one of the names that supports Sunday Stories (played with Sunday Stories on solo concert).


The name of their first original song is Bajka (Fairy Tale). Song is written (lyrics and music) by Nina Babić; arranged by: Nina Babić, Bojan Dizdarević, Saša Ćirić, Elvir Bandić Banda. Their second song is called About a Boy, and it was recorded live (one mic, one take) on the hills of Sarajevo. This song was a project between Sunday Stories and Anni Matilla (Finland). Sunday Stories partnered with official Bosnian music house BHRT in December 2016.


Sunday Stories' first album will be published in spring 2017. All of the songs are written and arranged by Sunday Stories originally, produced by Damir Arslanagic.


Members are:

Nina Babić - Lead Jazz Vocal

Saša Ćirić - Guitar, Vocal

Mustafa Kurtalić - Bass

Valentin Šeremet - Tenor Saxophone, Clarinet

Zlatan Begić - Drums




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