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Roy Orbit is the brainchild of Brooklyn-born multi-instrumentalist Frank Louzakos. Roy Orbit's story began when Frank was first drawn to the guitar after his experience listening to Robby Krieger's "Light My Fire" guitar solo (The Doors) on the radio. That moment compelled Frank, at the age of 14, to get a job so that he could save money and buy his first acoustic guitar. The musical addiction was instantaneous, as was the birth of his songwriting ability. That spark, coupled with Frank’s absorption of the sounds of city growing up throughout his youth, nurtured his seemingly boundless musical influences. Despite this abundancy, his mainstays have always been 60s rock, late 80s house/urban beats & rhythms, classical 70s hard rock, and 90s alternative; and Frank pulls from them all. Frank's musical influences cross many genres, paving and producing their musical path, which has led them to perform on the stages of Terminal 5, Webster Hall, Irving Plaza, and the Viper Room.

Roy Orbit started out as Frank's alter ego/stage name in the earlier part of his career which he used to perform in the NYC underground rock scene. He was later joined by his cousin Arthur Montauk on drums. Their sound is often described by Frank as "Space Rock The Brooklyn Way" (a little homage to fellow Brooklyn legend The Notorious BIG). Roy Orbit's music is a powerful combination of rock 'n roll roots amplified by a classical symphonic sound with a modern Indie Rock edge. Live, Roy Orbit re-imagines the records as a hypnotic power trio. Although currently a duo they always perform as a trio live with the addition of a bassist, performing on the stages of Terminal 5, Webster Hall, Irving Plaza in New York City, and the Viper Room in L.A.

As a producer and session musician, Frank's musical pilgrimage has led him to work with the legendary Jay Messina (Aerosmith/Kiss/John Lennon), who mastered Roy Orbit's self-released debut single "Sonar Girl", and the legendary producer/engineer, Andy Johns (Led Zeppelin/Van Halen) and most recently producer/songwriter Sterling Fox (Lana Del Rey/Britney Spears).

Roy Orbit is currently in the studio recording a full length record and producing & writing for other artists.




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