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Ring! Ring! 2018, you there?

Updated: Jan 3, 2018

What’s up everyone, how is your 2018 going? Smooth, rough, neutral? Let us fill you in with all those stars out there celebrating.

You’ve probably been wondering where we ran off to but if not that’s cool, too.

We’ve been programming our new site and running around taking care of our family-trees. The holidays have been rough on the majority of us despite all the dope things we have been doing, like collaborating with brand-name artists and companies...NBD. Now you may be wondering, what do we have to offer as part of the New Year?

Hardheartedly, we would like to offer you to keep up-to-date with us by following our artists online and attending their live events!

We have more artists reaching out, booking shows, and willing to do whatever it takes to break the main-stage.

But listen, we seriously would like to deploy security in your doing-so alongside the artist for our New Year resolution. Cordially, we are deploying our time into the hands of those with power and recognition. How? By letting companies in-the-know procure opportunities alongside us, we will revolutionize 2018 in entertainment security-details through a collaborative effort. Knowing how to book a show, hire the right staff, and explore gaps in the system, we plan to create change and motivate the next-generation through safe practice in live entertainment.

What safe-practices are needed and how will we employ safety?

Who “TF” truly knows.

We know deadly massacres can be prevented at music festivals in 2018, drug overdoses can decrease, and the negative stigmas attached to the music & art community can change.

Our plan isn’t to stop psychopaths nor create them as bodily staff-members at events. In 2018, we want to offer additional safety alongside security for our artists capable of voicing their point-of-view on a larger-scale.

Interested in hearing more?

Want to Collaborate?

Contact us! We are on standby 24/7.



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