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KRYGA Music is a dj/producer duo based in Limburg, Netherlands founded by Gijs Kohlen and Kjell Speetjens.

In 2016, KRYGA has been working on their production’s quality which resulted in a sublime Armada Music debut. You can recognize their style for it's chill vibe and feel-good tune which makes all the difference for the mood of the crowd. Filled out with lush guitar tones and airy vocals will set overflow to your mind with wondrous atmospheres and vibes. "Close your eyes, feel the sun" and let this dj-duo turn their set into one of the best moments of your life.

There is tons to expect from KRYGA Music in the future. They are keeping busy and have plans to release more music in the coming months.




We would like to offer you to keep up-to-date with us by following our artists online, booking them, and attending their live events!

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