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Baby FuzZ is a new project for multitalented producer Sterling Fox. Stylistically it's similar to some older stuff he’s done genre wise, and the songs dip into alternative rock/folk/pop.


Think, the androgynous emo version of Yolandi from Die Antwoord. The key thing is that the vocals and instruments are pitched up. This creates some unease and dark comedy which Sterling is known for. We love the way it sounds.


A lot of older recordings in the 60s-80s were slightly sped up and pitched using what's called a VariSpeed setting on old tape machines. This helped the songs to "lift" the engineers would say, but in reality fixed a lot of pitch issues for the vocalists. It was like a cheap autotune. The project fiddles with this and he’s done the entire project where that was the vocal sound.




We would like to offer you to keep up-to-date with us by following our artists online, booking them, and attending their live events!

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