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“I am not just an artist, producer, or creator, I am 3 in one and I believe it’s my responsibility to push my creative limits in a direction that will inspire my fans to also create and connect with me on another level,” says AL3JANDRO.  


This Los Angeles based Artist has learned to use his bittersweet melodies, rock-driven instruments, and hip-hop influenced grooves to relate with fans who need a distraction from ordinary life.

AL3JANDRO has gained attention by placing songs on many sports campaigns and TV commercials, including the NFL Network, MTV, Showtime and the theme song for the Golden State Warriors during their playoff campaign in 2016. He's a recipient of a Grammy for engineering Rhianna's hit song "Unapologetic". He has also worked with artists such as Big Sean, Sia, Imagine Dragons, NeYo and many more. He has now decided to pursue his own solo career.

Through his Mexican-American upbringing, AL3JANDRO was raised to want to make a difference in this world; his heavy involvement in every aspect of his music career helps him understand how to make each contrasting element fit together. “AL3JANDRO blends elements from different genres into his style of ethereal R&B. The number of components that he combines an appeal to a wide range of fans of different styles of music” said Megan Sanches, Director of Music at Lyric House.


AL3JANDRO is determined to usher in a new wave of entertainment and become an influence in the industry. Keep your eyes and ears open as he continues making sonic waves spreading an honest message of hope, survival, and love.




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